Job Search Sanity

Find a job without losing your mind

Job Search Disorganized?

Have you responded to the same ad twice, or forgotten to follow up with a call? If you're disorganized in looking for a job, you feel constant anxiety and a vague, corrosive sense that you're never doing enough. This feels crappy and it makes it even harder for you to find a job.

Get Organized, Reduce Stress

Job Search Sanity helps you take control. Use it to keep track of job opportunities, including contact info and next actions. Even better, save job searches so you don't have to visit a jillion sites every day. As a bonus, keep all your cover letters and interview reminders in one place. You'll feel saner in no time, for free!

Never forget!

Organize your job opportunities by next action so you'll always know what to do next. Add deadlines and sync with your calendar app.

Save Time!

Instead of running the same searches on twenty different job sites every day, save your searches on Job Search Sanity and view them all in one place. Plus, easily keep track of the search results.

Good Luck!

Looking for a job can suck. Job Search Sanity wants to help you make it suck less. Good luck to you as you embark on the next chapter of your life!